Lotions, Potions and Novelties!

Lotions, Potions and More!

We have an adult corner that is filled with lots of great stuff!

Lubricants, oils, shaving creams and more.

Looking for something specific? Let us know, we can special order to our location. 

Here is some ideas of what is located in our cupboards, and always stop in and check out what is new and exciting!

Hidden Drawers
Drawers full of hidden treasures!

Lots of little things to spice it up!
Vibrators, Dildos and More
We will add slides as we go, so you can have an idea of what is in store!

Hidden Cupboards

In this hidden cupboard there is a lot to see! 
Womanizers and Magic Wands are always flying out the door!

Stock is constantly rotating and new stuff coming in.