Romantic Notions - Bra Fitters and so much more!

Fitting Rooms
Romantic Notions is first and foremost a bra boutique, specializing in fitting all types of bodies in a properly fitting bra!

What does this mean? It means when you come in for a bra, we do not just throw things at you, and hope you like them. We start off by asking some questions, which helps point us in the right direction for which bra will work for you.
Then we head to the back to find our starting point!
If it takes us a minute, feel free to check out the rest of the store... as you can see, there is a lot of bras to consider!
The Back Room

Once we bring out a starting point bra, which is usually pretty close to perfect (if we may say so ourselves) and this gives us an idea of where the breast tissue sits, and what styles or cuts will work best with your body type.
From there we bring out options for you to try on, and we talk about what works (or doesn't) and why that might be. There can be many factors to why certain bras work for you, and others do not. Hey, that's what we are here for! To make sure when you leave, you love the garments you choose!
We also carry a large selection of other items!
- Panties
-Fashion Fixes
-Laundry Essentials
-Men's Lounge Wear
-Men's Swim
-Men's Underwear

Yeah, we also carry a corner of Adult Novelty items. Lotions, Potions, Lubricants and Toys. Along with some pretty amazing lingerie from sizes XS - 5X.
Lingerie, Swim, Shapewear and Bras are all pretty specific. So all these areas can be booked as an appointment, where we can help you find great styles, colors and fits!
Pajamas and More