To wire or not to wire!

To wire or not to wire!


As a bra boutique we see many ladies who are looking for bras, many ask if we carry wireless options. Often this question comes about because of badly fitted bras, and wires who have dug in or popped out on them. We usually ask why you are interested in a wireless, and if its because you find wired bras uncomfortable, we try to find out why. Often, we have found that in the wrong sized bras, wires can be a pain, literally and figuratively. Another problem could be the shape of the bra, some styles work better for some body types. So, if you are struggling with wires jabbing into you, it might be time to try a different style of bra. Bottom line your wires should not be hurting you.


Now this is not to say that is always the reason, some people like wireless for mobility reasons. If you spin your bra around due to back or shoulder problems, it might be easier to do in a wireless option; like with some of our soft cups from Anita. These are soft, unmolded styles that are easy to do up in the front and spin around. It might also be for reasons such as surgeries. If you have had a procedure, they may want you to avoid wires for a bit. Some ladies have scar tissue, that require something less rigid. We understand, and this is why we ask lots of questions and try and find out what you need and what is best for you.


Going back to the first part though if you are looking for wireless because wired bras have been a headache, we will want to try some different options in both styles with you. A properly fitted bra may change your mind on what wires are supposed to look and feel like. We make sure we find styles that work for your shape and will ask you to do some adjustments in the bra to ensure your breast tissue is in front of the wire, and not being dug into. Having the right size band helps with this as well.  If you want is loose, it may allow breast tissue to work its way back behind or under that wire causing discomfort. Some bras like the Norah by Chantelle, are a great bra to start with if you are getting back into wearing a wire. It is incredibly soft, and we find our clients really love it.

We will bring lots of different bras and styles out, to find out what works best for you. We ask you to trust the process, and of course, ask lots of questions. We will walk you through what we are looking for and why, asking you along the way how it feels. Feel free to try on your shirt and see what they look like under your clothing since you probably do not intend to walk around in just your bra! Or maybe you do, who are we to judge. 😉

We as fitters, want to make sure your garments are comfortable and do their job. Which is to support you comfortably and make you feel your best. If wires are not for you after trying some on, no worries! We will find you wireless options that will feel and look great as well. Or maybe you want one of each. Our job is not to sell you a bra, but to allow you to purchase you a garment that makes you happy and feel amazing.

Remember to tell us what you need and let us show you lots of options to find you #yourbestfit!

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