Team Romantic Notions

Team Romantic Notions!

The Best Bra Shop
We ask our clients a lot of questions when they come in...
Maybe the real question is...
Who are we?
Let's be honest, typically you don't let a stranger do up your bra, and here we are asking you to do just that! 
So lets introduce the team, for those who are first time clients, or maybe for those who are thinking about stopping in!
In no particular order... but we obviously should start with the one who brought us all here...

Robin Grayston

"Hello all! Some of you know me from my days at GE or TransAlta... but so many of you have come to know me over the 20 years that I've owned Romantic Notions. 

I've been able to fit great grandmas, grandmas, mums, daughters all of the same family! 

It has been my pleasure to get to know so many of you & your families & to be included in some of the biggest moments in your lives. 

I have been blessed to have an amazing group of women who share my vision & passion for having fun while helping our clients find solutions to wardrobe (undergarments to swim) challenges that fit well & make you feel fabulous!  Thank you for your support of the years & for allowing us to help support you!!!"




Kathy H.

"My name is Kathy & I have had the privilege of working at Romantic Notions for over 18 years.

Often, I am working in the back ordering your favorite items or adding in inventory into the system.

I am passionate about customer service, laughter and sharing my love of fine lingerie. Life has taught me that we are never done learning, exploring & trying new things!  Cheers"



Kayt C.

" It’s me, Kayt!

When you come into the store I usually have a smile on my face and a skip in my step. If you ask anyone on staff what my most defining personality trait is, it is probably that I am bossy and let’s be honest – I’ll own that!

I have been with Romantic Notions for nearly 8 years; time flies when your having fun. I have many passions, including my family, baking, sewing and growing veggies in my one-acre garden!"




"Hi! My name is M’Lynn and I have been a fitter at Romantic Notions for 5 years.

My favorite part of my job is having the opportunity to meet and work with so many beautiful people, and helping my clients find those comfortable items for all their endeavors.

I am a gamer in my down time and a fan of Pokémon Go!

I am probably the quietest one out of the group here at Romantic Notions, but my product knowledge is vast, and I am always determined to find you the best garments for all your needs! <3"



"Hi! My name is Jodi and I returned to Romantic Notions 4.5 years ago after an amazing adventure of being a full-time mom.

My passions are helping others, health, wellness and learning. Living in the area most of my life, I enjoy seeing all the familiar faces and meeting the newcomers. Regardless of the item you’re looking for, making you feel comfortable is priority, whether you are in for your first ever fit, a postoperative garment, a special occasion or just something fun, I look forward to working with you.

We all deserve to look and feel fabulous! <3"





"Hi! My name is Sheri. I have enjoyed being a bra fitter for 9 years. I love to work with clients and assist them in seeing the beauty in their bodies. The smile says it all!

I have a passion for fashion, as well as love for pole fitness, and aerial hoop. All the things that feel like flying!

I enjoy working with this group of ladies, and have a great time helping our clients feel amazing!"



Shonda Cust

"Well, Hello! Romantic Notions has been a wild ride for me from late 2016, I believe.

I started with a hope and a dream, that Robin would take a shot on a “kid” who never knows when to stop talking and I was thrilled when she did. I started full time, and eventually fell off the grid when my youngest son came along, working the odd times to help fill in space, until a few years back when once again I approached Robin with another hopeful dream, I wanted to take on the store’s social media. I am thankful despite my lack of know-how, the team took a chance on me and let me run wild with grand ideas for the interwebs to enjoy.

So now I am back full time, juggling my days between creating content to promote the store, helping our loving clients find their best fit, or in general wandering around amusing the team with my sparkling personality.

Oh, and you might even see me with a shadow in tow sometimes, if you have seen him, you know who I am talking about!"


And last but not least...



 Hi, my name Kassandra but most people call me Kass, I've worked at Romantic Notions since the fall of 2018. 

I've worked here through my third pregnancy and my (2nd) wedding. Often times you can find me battery testing new fun things when they arrive, or fawning over the beautiful bras coming in.

As a mom of 3 I understand many of the things life can throw at us and would love to help you navigate your breast health through whatever life may bring!


<3, Kass

Team Romantic Notions

"The moment Robin realized.... this is her circus and we are her monkeys!"


P.S. As Kayt's employer I can confirm she is in fact BOSSY, so is Kathy... as a matter of fact they are all bossy. - Robin



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