Shop Local!

Shop Local!

Why Shop Local?


           We hear it everywhere “Shop Local” and “Support Local”, but the question is why? Why is it important to support the local businesses in your community, and what is your locally owned stores doing for you? It starts with our taxes, which comes back to our community. For things like repairing roadways or rejuvenating the local green space. Supporting the local school systems, police force and creating a thriving community.  It is not as direct, but it does help.


            Shop local for us means more then just supporting our small business in Spruce Grove. When you shop with us, you’re helping us help others, such as our program in store for casual Friday whereby throwing cash in the pot means our team wears jeans. At the end of the year, we donate that money to the food bank, or the lunch program for local schools making sure everyone has a lunch available to them. Christmas time brings a huge drive for donations to help the Kinette Club of Spruce Grove Christmas Hampers. We don’t just collect your donations; we match the donations collected and send it to this amazing organization who has provided so much for families who need it! The bonus is not only are you donating to a great cause, but we gift wrap your purchase for making the donation. We do a great job of it, if we may say so ourselves!  Click here to find out more and see the success of last years drive.


              Bra donations! We are a bra store, and with that comes a lot of clients asking – What do I do with my bra that no longer fits now that I have these fabulous new ones? Easy! Bring those gently used bras into us and we will get them where they need to be. We bring gently used bras to several organizations that make sure they get to those who need or want them. We accept donations all year long, so if you have bra sitting in drawers being forgotten, bring them down to us.

                Our team members are local to the area, we employ the people who live and play in this community. Who have kids who go to our schools and participate in local programs. We have gotten hundreds of requests over the years, to donate items to silent auctions, give aways and raffles for various schools, sports teams or donation drives. Our community continues to support us, and we give back by providing items to add to your drive. Does it help drive more business in? Sometimes more then that it helps our neighbors. Our team cleans up and pitches in around our building and surrounding green space. Sweeping our sidewalks or melting the ice during the winter. We want to keep not only our space to look inviting, but also the entirety of the area. This making for a great place to walk around and enjoy the other local shops in our area. Like our neighbors “Oh My Nails” and “U Vinification”; great places to get a mani/pedi and to start an adventure creating great wine.


                Which reminds us, we like to shout out other businesses we love, tag them and encourage our clients to check them out as well. We have done different events through the years where we have hosted other businesses and artists at our shop. Making it easy to find new small business to love by being able to sample some of their great things. Gossamer Gallery & Gifts being one of them, who brought us the most delicious fudge, in a variety of flavors.


                Robin is a small business owner who is involved in our community. We are members of the community who know your name and ask about your family. We bring in things we know you will love, and work to make sure we always have new things to check out. We help you find your best fit in bras, and we are your cheer team, making sure you feel fabulous in all your choices. We make sure your stocked for your vacation and look fabulous in that new swimsuit.


           The bottom line is shop local, support local and your local business will be there supporting you and your community for years to come! This does not just include shopping here, it can be engaging in social media posts or liking and sharing with your friends. It can be sending your friends and family in to check us out or inviting them to like our socials. Reading our blog posts and sharing them. There are lots of ways you can support businesses like ours.

                Thanks for taking the time to read through “the why” … until next time, Support Local! 😊

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