Romantic Notions is not a sex store... but we do have a few things!

Romantic Notions is not a sex store... but we do have a few things!

Who we are, and what we are not!
This is for all the people who have driven by, and thought “Oh, that is one of those stores” or the ones who wonder “do they sell naughty things?” and are not quite sure about stopping in. Maybe your hesitant to ask, or maybe you’re worried what you might find if you google us! This is for the people who thought maybe we are something we are not, because less face it… with a name like ROMANTIC NOTIONS, what else could we be? You are all thinking it, so let’s talk about it.
We are Romantic Notions, a team of women who love supportive, beautiful bras and undies. Our team spends hours learning the in and outs of bra fitting, what fits who and why. This ensures our clients not only get beautiful and functional garments, but they also know why those garments compliment them, and work for their body shape! Making sure women have access to properly supportive garments is our main priority in our shop. Everything else is just icing!
Speaking of icing, let’s look at some of the things we carry. We have so many amazing pajamas in store. Between P.J. Salvage, April Cornell, Cool Girl and so many more, there is something for everyone. Let us know what you need from your pjs, and we can help you select the ones that will be perfect. If you run hot a night, Cool Girl might be the one for you, with moisture wicking, breathable fabrics. Looking for ultra soft and snuggly, P.J. Salvage carries all the snuggly warm things. Love a classic vintage look? April Cornell is everything that is classic and beautiful.

We know swim is not always the easiest thing to shop for, but we know how our swim fits and can help you find the perfect suit for that special trip or stay-cation. Making sure you love your new suit and feel comfortable and confident. We are your cheer section, and we carry a ton of different styles and types of swimsuits in a variety of styles and sizes from 4-22.

We are your fashion expects when you have a dress that does not want to co-operate with your current garments. We can help you find the shapewear, or bra to compliment the dress and remain invisible. Making sure you attend your function flawlessly!
We carry golf wear. Women can hit the golf course with confidence, and a big of swagger. Fabrics that help your game by being UV friendly, moisture wicking and breathable. Golf dresses with shorts so you don’t have to worry about your wardrobe while perfecting your swing.
The point is we have a store full of amazing items. Garments to make you feel amazing, look amazing and support you all day, every day. Our goal is to impower women, make sure they feel good in their garments, be it swim, bra and panties, pajamas, or day wear. We have created an environment where you can shop for quality garments and feel like you’re shopping with your besties. A “hype” team to help you select the best you can get for your body.

But you do, in fact, sell… those “things”… right?

Yeah, we do. We do not hide the fact that women are sensual beings who may want to have options of a sexual nature, who may want to avoid the drive into the city. Therefore, our store has a small novelty section, discreetly tucked away. One, because of the personal nature of these items, our clients can enjoy a welcoming atmosphere where they can ask questions and look at things without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. And two, it’s a not a huge leap to go from lingerie and playwear to adult novelty items and lubricants. So yeah, we do. This accounts for a small percentage of the store. We can assure you coming into our store, you will need to be actively looking for those items to find them. We don’t have “things” staring you in the face when walking into our boutique.
As always, we look forward to seeing you soon for a great customer service experience!

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