HUHA and Blue Sky Panties!

HUHA and Blue Sky Panties!

Let’s talk about UNDIES!

Or more specifically… let’s talk about HUHA and Blue-Sky panties. What is the difference between them? Which should you get? Obviously, the answer to that is to try them both. They are uniquely perfect, and our team loves both. It is not unusual for us to recommend these styles to our clients who are looking for a comfortable pair of underwear. Here we will go into the details of both brands. Leaving with you only one question… which color do you want yours in?
We are going to start with HUHA.
This is a newer brand to Romantic Notions, getting them in late 2022, they instantly became a staff favorite in design and comfort. The fact that they are protected with minerals, utilizing an innovative fiber permanently embedded with zinc oxide, which possesses antibacterial and odor-reducing properties to protect the garment and ensure long-lasting performance. Keep in mind these are also a woman-owned business and tested, designed, and crafted for women, by women. Inclusive sizes ranging from XXS – 3XL and giving us several styles to choose from. Thong, brief, cheeky and an ultra comfortable boxer. We also carry a long-legged boxer, which offers great thigh protection under dresses. This style does have the build in mineral gusset giving you one less layer to put on.  So far, we have seen grey, nude, camel, black and green from this brand.  Sounds good, right?

We agree, and so far, our clients who have picked them up, agree too. Sizing is true, but we always recommend trying them on over your own panties to make sure the size is accurate. Soft to the touch and smooth on the skin. You will love them.

Outer: 90% TENCEL ™ Modal Micro, 10% Spandex.
Inner: 88% TENCEL ™, 10% Lyocell (smartcel ™ sensitive), 2% Spandex.
TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are derived from sustainably managed forests. TENCEL™ Modal x Micro fibers are mainly manufactured from the renewable raw material beech wood, sources from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries. In addition, smartcel™ sensitive is made from FSC certified wood. (Forest Stewardship Council – making it the gold standard in ethical production.)

Okay, HUHA – you are amazing, and we love you.
Blue Sky! Let’s get into it!

Blue Sky Clothing Co. has been available at Romantic Notions for a few years now.  Made from 95% Bamboo, and 5% Lycra which makes them incredibly soft and comfortable. These are breathable and lightweight making them perfect all year long. Sizing runs from XS – 4X, however we highly recommend trying these ones on as we find them to be generous fit and many of our clients find sizing down a bit happier. Blue Sky also has a much larger color selection and produce different prints. From La Gaunche (high waisted briefs), Hipster (cheeky) and La Thong (high waisted thong). We also carry a bamboo short in this brand, this short differs from the HUHA brand, as it does not have the double layer gusset.
Blue Sky Bamboo is a great option that is simple and speaks for itself. Try one pair, and we promise you will be back for more.
95% Bamboo - a great natural fibre that is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties.
5% Lycra – which gives this underwear their great stretch & fit to keeps its shape.
Of course, these are only a couple of the many styles and brands we carry in store. However, these two are very comparable in both styles, and being made from natural fabrics. Having similar styles to choose from, and a nice range of sizes, both brands are recommended and loved by both the staff and our clients. Come in to learn more about both of these great brands and try them on.
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