Lets talk exchange policies!

Lets talk exchange policies!

Exchange Policy!

What it is and how it works!


In recent months we have noticed an increase in clients asking to return items for one reason or another. It seems like a good time to go over store policies and exchange procedures, so all you fabulous clients know what to expect when you make a purchase with us. Like any policy there are always exceptions to every rule. The team will try to accommodate our clients with any issues, however sometimes things will need to be reviewed by the team. If that is the case, we will get back to you ASAP.


Adult Novelty Corner


This corner is 100% FINAL SALE. All the adult novelty items are non-returnable or exchangeable. This is largely due to hygienic reasons. Our team when receiving the shipments from our novelty vendors battery test all items, as well as checking seals on lotions and lubes. By doing this we can send back anything that might not be working and exchange it with our vendors before it makes its way to you.


We try to help our clients pick out items and answer any questions you may have so that your purchase is informed, and you can feel confident in your selection. We will also provide you with a sale receipt that you are able to reach out to the manufacturer in the event you have any issues with the item. Once an item leaves our store, we assume zero responsibility for the item and its performance. We ask you to reach out to the manufacturer with any questions or concerns.


If you are unsure where to find manufacturer information for your product, you can always call the store, and we can check to see if we can find you a number to call. We will not return or exchange the item, nor will we be able to reach out to them for you.


Bras, Panties and Swim


Our bras also have a FINAL SALE policy. This is why we encourage fitting appointments and confirm fits for our clients. Bras that have not been checked by one of our team members will be FINAL SALE. As well as bras bought during any sale including our annual July sale. If you choose to go against the fitters recommendation, we understand, however this will be final sale in the event the bra should have an issue further on.

Bras are worn close to the body, and for hygienic reasons we can not resell a bra that has been worn for extended periods of time. If you have purchased a bra from us, and something seems not quite right, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible within 10 days of purchase. At this point we can try to trouble shoot any reasons the garment may be causing an issue.

There are some approved situations where we can look at an exchange, the exceptions being gift ideas (gifts are available for exchange 10 days from being given, or during the holidays gifts need to be exchanged before the 3rd week of January) in these situations we ask that the garment be in new condition with tags attached.

Often, we see issues of bras not quite fitting right, and it’s a simple reminder to make your adjustments as we did in store. We will also go over wash and care instructions with you at time of purchase. If wash and care instructions are not followed and it results in broken wires, or snagged lace, we will not be able to exchange the item. If you believe there is a manufacturing defect, please bring in the garment and we will reach out to the brand to see if anything can be done. Also, within 10 days of original purchase.

For panties, the policy is similar with the addition that any item that would be eligible for exchange must have the liner attached as it was when it left the store. Let us know if the item is a gift, or if the size is not known and we will insert a liner so the panty can be tried on over the “giftees” own bottoms and checked for fit. If the boxers, or panties do not have the original liner we placed in them they will not be eligible for exchange. This is again due to hygienic reasons as we can not resell worn under garments.

Please be advised that swimsuit policies are very much the same, and we encourage our clients to try things on in store so that fit can be confirmed. Liners will be placed in bathing suits that may be a gift item. Like the previous items we will only do an exchange or possible instore credit in the event we do not have the correct size. Much like you, would not want to purchase a worn and used bathing suit, neither does the next client.


Robes, Pajamas and Clothing


Most of our clothing items are for exchange. In the event it was a gift idea that does not work, or there is a manufacturer defect. In which case please bring the item in within 10 days of purchase or of receiving the item. Items that were a gift will need to have the tags attached and be in new condition; free of any pet hair, and smoke free. Any items that are brought in that require to be laundered may be refused or subjected to a cleaning fee.


So that is the what… by here is the why!


Romantic Notions is a locally owned business as a lot of you already know. We are a stand-alone brick and mortar and with that comes making decisions on how to make items affordable, while keeping the doors open the following month. We do not have the same return policies some big box stores have because we would not be able to stay in business. If we adopted the same policy, we would be losing hundreds of dollars a month with returns we can not resell. We will not be able to get credit from our vendors for items that do not have a defect.

For us to adopt a return policy that allows us to return items that have been worn, or had tags removed and so on, we would need to increase our prices to balance some of that loss. One of the things we always try to do is bring in those great items, while keeping the cost down, for our clients. It is the reason we do not have BOGO sales or regularly have a ton of different sales/discounts. Our margins are not huge, saving our clients money for those amazing fashions they love from around the world, including “Made in Canada”.

This is also why our team likes to do a hands-on approach in selecting those amazing pieces with you, so we can answer questions. We talk about wash care for the items, we look at fabrics, check sizes, the fit and go over what those novelty items do, or ask about sensitives to lotions, potions and lubes.

We want you to feel confident about your purchase and love your items, as much as we love unpacking them & getting them ready for the floor! We want to help you find something you can love for a long time!


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