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Breast Health and Teens

Breast health and Teens!

If there is one thing Romantic Notions knows, it is that wearing a properly fitted bra is beneficial in more ways than just how your clothing fits. For one thing the correct bra can reduce pressure on your neck, shoulders and back especially for those with heavy breast tissue. This alone should have you running to your local boutique to find your fit, however let’s look at some other important points. Next is lymphatic flow. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins from your body, and the breast has many lymph nodes, and having a bra that is too tight or ill fitting can impede on proper drainage. Another good reason to get fit is wearing a bra that fits correctly ensures that the breasts are properly supported and positioned, this will help prevent stretching of the ligaments and limit breast tissue drop over time. Lastly having a properly fitted bra will give you the silhouette you want, without uncomfortable wires digging in, or a band that slides around.

Now we told you all of that, so we can tell you this… it is never too early to start taking care of your “girls”. All ages can benefit from a bra fitting, and well fitted garments. Which is why we encourage our clients to bring in their daughters, granddaughters etc. into your local boutique to make sure they get a running start and avoid problems down the road.,make%20them%20feel%20more%20comfortable.


We came across this website and found a lot of good information for those with pre-teens and teenagers. It covers important information about why it is beneficial for our youth to start wearing the right fit sooner rather then later. Training bra information and how to start sorting what size is best. Have a read and when your finished, let’s ask ourselves how does Romantic Notions help the younger generation find their fit, in a world where the big box stores seem to have a higher appeal?

Primarily, we bring in different styles, prints and colors that appeal to everyone. Brands like Marie Jo, Montelle Intimates, Parfait, and Passionata all have styles that are geared towards the younger generation. Royce is available in store with some great options for training bras, and teen sports bras to support activities like gym and sports. Finding options pre-teens and teenagers will like and more importantly consistently wear is part of what makes us great, but the best part is our fitting process.

If you are new to bras, how are you possibly going to know if something fits correctly?

Heading to a change room with an arm full of bras by yourself or having a stranger come at you when your feeling vulnerable with a measuring tape might not appeal to everyone, never mind young ladies who are navigating their bodies changing state. Which is why we work one on one with our clients, and rather than fit them in a bra, we educate them on how things should fit and why. Trying on different styles and cuts to find the one that works best with their body and shape. Keeping in mind growth patterns and age to make sure the bra will fit over the course of time. We try to work all these factors into our fittings for our younger clients, while also making sure they are comfortable and build a rapport with the bra fitter. It is important for clients to be able to express if there is something not quite right with the bra, so we are able to ensure it fits properly and is also esthetically pleasing. We recognize that if a bra is not fitting well, and comfortably it won’t get worn.

We wanted to share a couple of points of view from our team members. On one side, Shonda, had never been properly fit prior to joining the team in 2016. On the other, Kayt, had been shopping with us since she was a teenager as did her mother and grandmother.

“Getting fit into a bra can be awkward, but starting your journey with proper support and in an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, makes it much easier to relax and maybe even have a bit of fun. Personally, I can speak from experience here, as both a bra fitter and a parent of 2 young girls. I started working here in 2016, and very quickly realized I was wearing a bra far from fitting correctly. I went from a 38 band, down to a 32 and cupped up from a B to D. Suddenly, my band wasn’t riding up and I wasn’t adjusting my cups several times a day. Who knew? At the time my daughters were still far from worrying about bras, but I knew then I wanted them to avoid the struggle and have a good relationship with undergarments.

Before I knew it, they were 11 and 13, it was time to start their bra journey. I knew I wanted them to avoid the problems I had, with my bra making me crazy and thinking its just how bras fit. I wanted them to be properly supported and comfortable. They have come in and while naturally a little shy, they both found bras they like. I get the girls refit if I notice a growth spurt or when they let know things are shifting – to make sure they are not out growing the garments and they are staying supported. They always find something they like, and with both being very fashion forward in a way I never was, I am happy to report they love the styles and colors we carry.” -Shonda


“I have been a customer of Romantic Notions since I was 16 years old. My Mom dragged me into the store, and I am pretty sure that is a very accurate description. Through the years there was a lot of me eye rolling at the team. However, the bras always fit, and they always found me something that worked for my stubborn teen self. Being sized in 30E/F/G over the years, I learned what I liked and what fit and even tried venturing away from the store to no avail. Always coming back because the team worked with me, and the bras fit me the best. As an adult I now am so thankful for the years that the Romantic Notions team put up with me and for my mom bringing me in and finding my right fit. With my daughter getting slowly closer to her teen years I will be making sure that she has the same experience and understands the importance that a good fitting bra can have on your breast health. -Kayt


In short, if you’re a mom who needs a bra, or if you have a daughter or granddaughter who is starting the bra journey, a woman who wants more from your bra or any other version of a bra-needing individual… come see us. We can help!


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